Invincible You – Channelizing Fears to Your Advantage

Invincible You – Channelizing Fears to Your Advantage

by Mehmood R. Shariff

Invincible You - Channelizing Fears to Your Advantage
Invincible You

“Invincible You – Channelizing Fears to Your Advantage” is a phenomenal blend of memoir and a self-help book. The book is highly engaging and profoundly inspiring.

There are a lot of people who are stuck yet have a zeal to do something big in their lives but just fearful of moving forward. The real-time incidents mentioned in this book will blow your mind and compel you to think, “If this guy can do it, why can’t I?” This book will serve as fuel to drive your life invincibly. If you feel you are invisible to everyone, you are just ordinary and feel stuck in life, yet you are hungry to transform, this is the book for you.

The author has spectacularly explained how being an ambivert in life is much more fruitful without disruption your true identity irrespective of whether you are an introvert or an extrovert. Failure is inevitable, but the mindset to be invincible can make you reach your goals faster. When you are on your deathbed, what will hurt you the most? Your failures or regrets? It is better to have tons of failures in life than regrets. At the end of the book, the author has shared his simple steps to just kick start your new journey to be INVINCIBLE!

Invincible You – Channelizing Fears to Your Advantage

About the author

Mehmood R Shariff

Mehmood Shariff was a fearful introvert who transformed into a confident and enthusiastic ambivert by choice. He is an anchor, inspirational speaker, trainer, a mentor and youth transformational coach. While being part of a leading MNC, he was selected for the Hall of Fame and won many awards of excellence from the clients. He delivers speeches in colleges and schools or one-on-one talks to help people find clarity and real purpose of their life. 

Despite numerous health issues, Mehmood has participated in every possible activity that others with those conditions wouldn’t even think of trying. He spent four years being a part of NCC and earning NCC A, B, C certificates along with the best cadet award. He was among the top 5 selected candidates for the SSB camp from a pool of 700+. 

Mehmood was a part of many public speaking clubs and, in one of them, he was elected (not selected) as an officer. He competed with highly renowned speakers and won awards, anchoring fests and other professional events and was a part of an NGO. He has spoken in forums to audiences of over a thousand people. He wishes to touch the lives of one million people. It is with this mission in mind that he has written this book to share his ideas and vision with a large audience.

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Invincible You – Channelizing Fears to Your Advantage

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