11 Books Recommended by Jeff Bezos

11 Books Recommended by Jeff Bezos. Books that helped form Jeff Bezos’s leadership style.

Amazon is one of the biggest companies in the world and shows no sign of slowing down. Therefore any book that helped Jeff Bezos will surely be beneficial to all of us. These are the 11 Books Recommended by Jeff Bezos.

1.Good to Great – by Jim Collins

Good To Great
Good To Great

Good To Great: Why Some Companies Make The Leap… And Others Don’t’ is a book that focuses on the concepts which when followed can make a mere good company, a great one! The theories given help the companies to be successful in their business. The author and his expert team set out to find solutions for the handicaps that the small and mediocre companies have to face. The problems can range from the initial teething problems to the mid-life-business feeling of just being good and not great! Their main focus is to help out those businesses which do not have any Godfather in the corporate industry.

The book is about being great, not merely good. Good is the enemy of great. Many people and companies settle for good because it’s easier. Many companies don’t even try to be great. They’re not striving to be the best in the industry. This opens the door to competitors. Being the best means there is absolutely no room for mediocre thinking. It’s the same in our lives. Few people lead great lives. This is because they’re happy with living a good life.

2. Built to Last: Successful Habits of Visionary Companies – by Jim Collins and Jerry Porras

Built to Last
Built to Last

‘This is not a book about charismatic visionary leaders. It is not about visionary product concepts or visionary products or visionary market insights. Nor is it about just having a corporate vision. This is a book about something far more important, enduring, and substantial. This is a book about visionary companies.’

So write Jim Collins and Jerry Porras in this groundbreaking book that shatters myths provides new insights and gives practical guidance to those who would like to build landmark companies that stand the test of time.

Filled with hundreds of specific examples and organized into a coherent framework of practical concepts that can be applied by managers and entrepreneurs at all levels, Built to Last provides a master blueprint for building organizations that will prosper long into the twenty-first century and beyond.

3. Creation: Life and How to Make It – by Steve Grand


Working mostly alone, almost single-handedly writing 250,000 lines of computer code, Steve Grand produced Creatures(R), a revolutionary computer game that allowed players to create living beings complete with brains, genes, and hormonal systems–creatures that would live and breathe and breed in real-time on an ordinary desktop computer. Enormously successful, the game inevitably raises the question: What is artificial life? And in this book–a chance for the devoted fan and the simply curious onlooker to see the world from the perspective of an original philosopher-engineer and intellectual maverick–Steve Grand proposes an answer.

4. The Remains of the Day – by Kazuo Ishiguro

Jeff Bezos Books Recommendation
The Remains of the Day

This is Kazuo Ishiguro’s profoundly compelling portrait of Stevens, the perfect butler, and of his fading, insular world in post-World War II England. Stevens, at the end of three decades of service at Darlington Hall, spending a day on a country drive, embarks as well on a journey through the past in an effort to reassure himself that he has served humanity by serving the “great gentleman,” Lord Darlington. But lurking in his memory are doubts about the true nature of Lord Darlington’s “greatness,” and much graver doubts about the nature of his own life.

5. The Innovator’s Dilemma – by Clayton Christensen

Jeff Bezos Books Recommendation
The Innovator’s Dilemma

Christensen says outstanding companies can do everything right and still lose their market leadership — or worse, disappear completely. And he not only proves what he says, he tells others how to avoid a similar fate. A successful company with established products will get pushed aside unless managers know when to abandon traditional business practices. Using the lessons of successes and failures from leading companies, “The Innovator’s Dilemma” presents a set of rules for capitalizing on the phenomenon of disruptive innovation.

6. Made in America – by Sam Walton

Jeff Bezos Books Recommendation
Sam Walton: Made in America

Meet a genuine American folk hero cut from the homespun cloth of America’s heartland: Sam Walton, who parlayed a single dime store in a hardscrabble cotton town into Wal-Mart, the largest retailer in the world.  The undisputed merchant king of the late twentieth century, Sam never lost the common touch.  Here, finally, inimitable words.  Genuinely modest, but always sure if his ambitions and achievements.  Sam shares his thinking in a candid, straight-from-the-shoulder style.

In a story rich with anecdotes and the “rules of the road” of both Main Street and Wall Street, Sam Walton chronicles the inspiration, heart, and optimism that propelled him to lasso the American Dream.

7. Lean Thinking – by James Womack and Daniel Jones

Jeff Bezos Books Recommendation
Lean Thinking

This bestselling business classic the Lean Thinking does not provide a new management “program” for the one-minute manager. Instead, it offers a new method of thinking, of being, and, above all, of doing for the serious long-term manager — a method that is changing the world.

The authors claim to show how lean thinking with a new definition of value can breathe life into a company or economic activity, doubling productivity and sales whilst stabilizing employment, by providing a step by step plan based on in depth studies.

8. Memos from the Chairman – by Alan Greenberg

Jeff Bezos Books Recommendation
Memos from the Chairman

Greenberg’s comprise Memos from the Chairman a unique–and uniquely simple–management philosophy. Make decisions based on common sense. Avoid the herd mentality. Control expenses with the unrelenting vigil. Run your business at the highest level of morality. Free your motivated, intelligent people from the chain of command. Always return phone calls promptly and courteously. Never believe your own body odour is perfume. And stay humble, humble, humble.

9. The Mythical Man-Month – by Frederick P. Brooks, Jr.

Jeff Bezos Books Recommendation
The Mythical Man-Month

Few books on software project management have been as influential and timeless as The Mythical Man-Month. With a blend of software engineering facts and thought-provoking opinions, Fred Brooks offers insight for anyone managing complex projects.  Now, 20 years after the initial publication of his book, Brooks has revisited his original ideas and added new thoughts and advice, both for readers already familiar with his work and for readers discovering it for the first time.

10. The Goal: A Process of Ongoing Improvement – by Eliyahu Goldratt

Jeff Bezos Books Recommendation
The goal

The Goal, a gripping novel, is transforming management thinking throughout the world. It is a book to recommend to your friends in industry – even to your bosses – but not to your competitors. 

One of Eli Goldratt’s convictions was that the goal of an individual or an organization should not be defined in absolute terms. A good definition of a goal is one that sets us on a path of ongoing improvement.
Pursuing such a goal necessitates more than one breakthrough. In fact, it requires many. To be in a position to identify these breakthroughs we should have a deep understanding of the underlying rules of our environment. 

11. Data-Driven Marketing – by Mark Jeffery

Jeff Bezos Books Recommendation
Data-Driven Marketing

In the new era of tight marketing budgets, no organization can continue to spend on marketing without knowing what’s working and what’s wasted. Data-driven marketing improves efficiency and effectiveness of marketing expenditures across the spectrum of marketing activities from branding and awareness, trail and loyalty, to new product launch and Internet marketing. Based on new research from the Kellogg School of Management, this book is a clear and convincing guide to using a more rigorous, data-driven strategic approach to deliver significant performance gains from your marketing.

Thanks for reading, this was the list on 11 Books Recommended by Jeff Bezos.


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